MOSAIC’s Technology Solutions provide the Engineering, EnterpriseIT, and Research services to design, develop, deploy, and defend complex applications and systems. Our cadre of technologists include cyber professionals, engineers, architects, and developers that are educated, trained, and certified in the latest methods and technologies. From cloud to cyber, software to systems, and from databases to high performance computing, we deliver the technological expertise to ensure architectural accuracy, development discipline, and operational capabilities.

Technology Solutions


Engineering is the planning, creation, testing, and deployment of advanced information systems for local and distributed solutions. Services include: Systems and Software Engineering, Cyber Engineering, Cyber Defense, Application Development, Database Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Systems Integration, and Logistics. 


EnterpriseIT is the planning, design, development, and operation of critical IT networks and systems for local, regional, and cloud-driven solutions. Services include: Cloud Development and Management, Network Design and Management, IT Enterprise Management, and Information Assurance. 


Research is the cognitive and diagnostic investigation of ideas that ultimately transfer into real-world capabilities and solutions that can be deployed in a scalable fashion. Services include: Operations Research, Forensics, Prototyping, and Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) Development.