Corporate Headquarters: 8135 Maple Lawn Blvd Suite 450, Fulton, MD 20759



MOSAIC’s Readiness Solutions helps our clients maintain an effective ready-state for responding to a full range of operations and missions. We assist our clients perform the functions for which they were designed to do through training, maintenance, technology, and modernization.


MOSAIC’s cadre of instructors bring real-world experience into the delivery of training, whether in-person or virtual. We deliver classroom training, practical exercises, integrated training exercises, facilitation, small and large group instruction, at location and in the field.

Training Technologies

MOSAIC designs, develops, and integrates technologies that aid the training mission. We deliver customized and tailored applications, including simulation/virtualization and gamification, to enhance the delivery and student learning experience.

Lessons Learned

MOSAIC collects, analyzes, and manages empirical data to systematically improve operations, behavior, and organizational readiness. We deliver lesson s learned to facilitate information sharing, and resolve issues and implement best practices to increase performance.

Mission Replication

MOSAIC leverages its operational experience to train clients in realistic environments. We deliver replicated mission environments that realistically portray conditions and locations, and that create the adequate depth of training needed to remain mission ready for rapid deployment and response to various mission requirements.