Corporate Headquarters: 8135 Maple Lawn Blvd Suite 450, Fulton, MD 20759

Mission & Program Support

Mission & Program Support

Our Mission & Program solutions drive program, portfolio, and enterprise success. We apply extensive real-world business and management expertise to addresses client’s organizational and governance challenges, ranging from strategy to big data to business management.

Decision Analytics

MOSAIC provides decision analytics to support data-driven management. We deliver the data and tools needed to reduce time and risks, and increase effectiveness in the decision-making process.

Planning & Strategy

MOSAIC aligns strategies to objectives to program performance to create a line-of-sight from vision to task. We deliver planning and strategy solutions through organizational assessments, policy development, and portfolio management.


MOSAIC assists its clients in achieving higher levels of quality and/or performance. We provide optimization solutions that assesses, refines, and improves business processes and procedures to achieve better outcomes. We also leverage industry best practices, methods, and models to optimize organizational performance.