MOSAIC’s Mission Solutions provide the Intelligence, Language, and Special Program services needed to enable and enhance the warfighter, secure the homeland, and protect our national security interest both domestically and abroad.

Mission Solutions


Intelligence solutions provide validated, actionable information to support the warfighter and local and Federal law enforcement in their never-ending defense of our country. Services include: Intelligence Analysis, Target Development, Imagery, Mission Management, Multi-Int/All Source Analysis, and Geo Support. 


Language solutions enable operations and missions across the globe through real-time and on-demand translation and transcription of hundreds of languages and dialects, both in spoken and written form. Services include: Language Analysis, Linguistics, Translation, and Transcription. 

Special Programs

Special Projects solutions provide the expertise to assess, forecast, model, and counter national security risks with effective solutions. Services include: Battlefield Assessments, Global Threat Analysis, Operations Forensics and Readiness Assessments, and War Gaming Simulation and Modeling.