Corporate Headquarters: 8135 Maple Lawn Blvd Suite 450, Fulton, MD 20759



MOSAIC’s Cyber solutions provide the analytics, planning, technologies, and operations support to protect our clients’ systems, our warfighters, and the nation’s joint cyber mission. We provide a range of expertise to national cyber strategies and platforms to include the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE), Cyber Mission Force (CMF), Joint Cyber Training Enterprise (JCTE), and Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture (JCWA).

Cyber Ops

MOSAIC operates at the national and global level to defend the US-friendly cyberspace. We provide passive and active cyber operations to secure, operate, maintain, and sustain communications systems and networks.

Cyber Analytics

MOSAIC gathers intelligence regarding adversarial capabilities and using advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures. We provide actionable threat intelligence using tools and technologies as well as collection, counterintelligence, evidence of credibility and reliability, and reporting.


MOSAIC identifies, resolves, and prevents cyber attacks on information systems, assisting in the discovery of penetration testing artifacts, responding to cyber security incidents, and operating tools required for cyber hunt activities. We provide risk and vulnerability assessments.

Cyber Planning

MOSAIC conducts cyber policy, research, program development, and resource analysis. We support cyber mission planning, joint capabilities and requirements, leadership planning, and strategic framework and platform development.